Find Christopher (Chris) Ponce 

Find Chris Ponce

3 days until "The Hunt with John Walsh" 

8 days after being on "The Hunt with John Walsh" Charles Mozdir is shot dead in New York.  Enough said.  Christopher will be featured this Sunday at 9pm

July 31, 2014

My family is on pins and needles waiting for the show to air. Finally, the world will see what a piece of crap Ponce is. Everyone is ready. The US Marshalls have set up their call center, I will be manning the website for tips all night long and forwarding them to the US Marshalls. We are ready!  Hopefully we will have a quick capture on him too.  Don't run or fight them Christopher!!!  You've seen what happens to scumbags who do that. 

July 30, 20114

Check out the CNN link to see the expanded update.  This should be the angle that will be taken on the segment.  We have not been given a preview so we are not sure how they are going to present it.  We are on pins and needles.

July 29,2014

I woke up at 5:15 am this morning and turned on my computer to check the website as I do every morning. I was shocked when I saw a notice from the host server that my incoming mailbox was almost full.  I opened it up and found 374 contacts to our website.  All of them between 8pm and 1am.  Some were well wishers, most were people who were upset that I gave in and took down my previous posts.  Some told me that I have a right to speak my mind and others said that I had to have someplace to  "Get things of my chest". I responded to each one.  It took hours. I actually had to create a word document and cut and paste it for my response just to save time.  I am embarrassed to tell to you all that I used a stock response, but I mean every word of it.  I am touched that so many people are keeping track of our site. You brought tears to my eyes with some of your touching comments. Thank you so very much for your support.  Please tell everyone you know about the show on Sunday at 9pm.  If you know someone in another country, please let them know as CNN is worldwide. 


The pictures to the left are that of Cristopher (Chris) Ponce.  He is a repeat DUI offender.  On July 19, 2012 Christopher Ponce was driving in the wrong direction on I-275 N. in Tampa Florida.  He hit the car of William Angel head on.  The impact killed William and badly injured his two friends in the car with him.  Somehow, Christopher was able to get bond and was placed on house arrest.  On May 9, 2013 Christopher Ponce cut off his ankle bracelet and escaped his house arrest. 

I am William Angel's father, and I am looking for information that will lead to the capture and prosecution of Christopher Ponce.  He may have changed his identity. Someone will be assisting him.  If you have any information please share it with us.  There is a reward set up for his capture through crimestoppers, and we are putting together another reward of our own.  Please help us find William's killer.  Christopher Ponce has had numerous violations in the past and will hurt or kill again if we do not get him off the street. He is charged with multiple offenses including vehicular homicide and vehicular manslaughter.   I will post additional information as I get it.  Thank you for your help.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Yesterday was two years since the crash.  My wife and I watched CNN's "The Hunt with John Walsh" tonight.  We can't wait until August 3rd when they air Christopher Ponce.  We are telling everyone we know to put it on their facebook page to watch "The Hunt with John Walsh" on CNN, August 3rd at 9pm. 

 On July 19, 2012 my wife and I lost our son William.  It was the most painful day of our lives.  That pain and suffering continues to this day. Today July 28, 2014, I experienced the most pain and anguish that I have since that day. I have removed many of my posts.  I apologize to anyone who felt threatened by my use of words in my search for MY SON'S KILLER!!!!!!!!  I guess my grief stricken, but cathartic outpouring on my own website must be trumped.  Please, If my pain and anguish upset you, fell free to STOP READING IT!!!!!!